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My name is Marisa Moon. I’m the recipe developer and blogger behind My Longevity Kitchen, where you can expect to find whole food recipes that minimize toxins and maximize nutrition; all served up with “Longevity Tips” along the way. Every recipe is gluten free and compliant with a variety of ancestral diets and real food lifestyles, such as Paleo, Primal, Perfect Health Diet, Weston A Price, Whole30, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, and Vegan. I like to say “Food is a magical thing…from the way it grows to the way it heals.” Food should bring us vitality, happiness, and well-being. When we understand our personal connection with food—where our food comes from, and how it makes us feel physically, and emotionally—it makes us feel truly alive, bringing out our inner humanity.

White Bean Chicken Chili Verde, Dairy Free 45-Minute Recipe


White Bean Chicken Chili, Dairy Free, Packed with Flavor and Nutrients, by Marisa Moon and MyLongevityKitchen

White Bean Chicken Chili
Serves 4
Not much can beat a warm bowl of chili when the snow starts fallin’…especially when it’s on the table in 45 minutes. I’ll show you how to make this traditional white chili without the dairy, and still get a rich and thick, comforting meal. You might want to double up the portion of roasted chicken you make because this easy spice mixture makes the chicken breast irresistible!
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Prep Time
40 min
Total Time
40 min
Prep Time
40 min
Total Time
40 min
  1. 1 to 1.5 pounds Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (skinless & bone-in works too)
  2. 1/2 teaspoon Chili Powder
  3. 1/2 teaspoon Fine Sea Salt
  4. 1.5 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  1. 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. 1 White or Yellow Onion
  3. 3 Garlic Cloves
  4. 1 Organic Zucchini, Diced Small
  5. 1 teaspoon Fine Sea Salt
  6. 1 Tablespoon Chili Powder
  7. 1 Tablespoon Ground Cumin
  8. 1 teaspoon Dried Oregano
  9. 3 Cups Chicken Bone Broth
  10. 1 Cup Salsa Verde (see notes)
  11. 1-15 oz Can Eden Organic Cannellini Beans, drained & rinsed (see notes)
  12. Fresh Lime Juice
Optional Garnishes
  1. Jalapeno
  2. Scallion
  3. Fresh Cilantro
  4. Avocado
  1. Preheat oven 350 Degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment and drizzle with 1.5 Tablespoons of Oil.
  2. Line a cutting board with paper towels, and pat the chicken breasts dry. Cut the breasts in half (favoring the thinner side will help it cook more evenly), and separate the tenders if they are still attached.
  3. Season the chicken with the chili powder and sea salt. Transfer the breasts to the baking sheet and turn them to coat them in oil. Roast the chicken for up to 30 minutes for larger pieces, and check it at 15 minutes for chicken tenders.
  4. Meanwhile, chop 1 onion and mince the garlic cloves.
  5. Heat 2 Tablespoons oil in a soup pot over medium heat, and measure out your chili spices so that they are ready to go (chili, cumin, oregano, salt).
  6. Saute the onions and garlic for 3-5 minutes. While onions and garlic are cooking keep an eye on your roasting chicken.
  7. When chicken is done cooking, remove it from the oven and let it cool.
  8. Add the measured spices to the onions and garlic and stir until fragrant—about 1 min. Add the zucchini and cook for another minute.
  9. Add 3 cups of chicken stock, 1 cup of salsa verde, and drained/rinsed cannellini beans to the pot. Stir. Turn the heat up to medium high and bring everything to a simmer.
  10. Meanwhile, start shredding or dicing your chicken, keep it aside, and pour the chicken juices into the pot. Once your pot is simmering, turn heat down to medium low and cook for 10 minutes.
  11. Scoop out 2 cups of the chili and put it into a blender. Holding the cover down with a kitchen towel, blend until smooth and add it back to the pot.
  12. Now add the chicken to the pot. Cook for 5 more minutes. Squeeze the juice from a half or a full lime.
  13. Taste for salt, and serve with optional garnishes (see ingredient list).
  1. Salsa Verde: Find this traditional green salsa on grocery store shelves, in the Mexican food aisle; or buy some from your favorite Mexican restaurant.
  2. Eden Organic Cannellini Beans: Eden Organic is the only brand of cooked beans on the market that I know of who prepares them the old-fashioned way. This company actually soaks their beans, dumps the soaking liquid, and cooks them with kombu seaweed (you can’t taste it). All of this is very important to eliminate toxins, release digestive enzymes, and make their nutrients more available to us. This brand is sold at Whole Foods Market and Jewel.
My Longevity Kitchen

Mind-Blowing Antipasti Spread from Chicago’s Best Italian Catering

Italian Antipasti table by My Longevity Kitchen and Elena's Cucina

On April 7, 2018 we celebrated the 60th year my Dad is walking this planet. He has touched many lives, many hearts, and many stomachs with his Italian cooking, family values, and fun-loving attitude.

As you may already know, Italians love a good antipasti spread. Restaurants are helping this concept become more well known in the form of charcuterie boards…but we’ve been doing it forever; and we do it better. With months of planning, and one crazy day of execution,

I think we pulled off the most epic antipasti table ever known.

prosciutto fountain marisa moon of my longevity kitchen
What do you think of our prosciutto fountain?
Dipping Station by My Longevity Kitchen
How cute is our Dipping Station? I made some fresh pesto, and we included grated parmesan and hot giardiniera.

Our antipasti spread was only made possible with the help of my talented family from Elena’s Cucina, Alta Villa Banquets, and Orlando Imports.

P.S. If I can go gluten free in a family like this, then anyone can do it. I brought my own cassava crackers, and my cousin made me some super-bomb gluten-free pizza.

I come from an incredible line of Italian cooks, and it’s time I share with you some of the best Italian food you’ll ever find in the Chicagoland area. Sadly, if you’re not from around here you can’t use these, so you’ll have to find the best catering options in your area. But, that shouldn’t be too hard. There’s great food all over the place if you know where to look.

The following is a list of Chicagoland’s best Italian catering & food businesses you don’t want to miss!

Stromboli Stuffed Bread by Elenas Cucina Chicago Roselle
Traditional Stuffed Italian Bread called Stromboli, by Elena’s Cucina

Elena’s Cucina

Elena’s Cucina is a mouth-watering Italian catering kitchen, in Roselle, Illinois; named after my favorite cook in the world, Zia Elena-that’s how we say Aunt in Italian. Elena’s Cucina is family owned & operated, and they’re cranking out some mind-altering specialties like her focaccia breads that have a cult following. Find my cousin Mario, Elena’s son, at the following Chicagoland farmers markets selling the famous Italian pizzas and specialty desserts all made from scratch:

Wednesdays: Elmhurst Farmers Market, June-Oct, 7am-1
Thursdays: LaGrange Farmers Market, May-Oct, 7am-1
Fridays: Schaumburg Farmers Market, June-Oct, 7am-1
Saturdays: Downers Grove Market, May-Oct, 7-12:30

Focaccia goes quick, so get there early!

And take note that they were happy to make me a gluten-free pizza that gave me all the feels I can remember from my days eating that glorious focaccia.

Italian Antipasti table by My Longevity Kitchen, Elena's Cucina, and Orlando Imports

Orlando Imports

Attention all Chicagoland food business owners: Orlando Imports is the best wholesale resource for authentic Italian foods all made the old-world way. My cousin Nick Ruggiero is your guy, and you can order with him by emailing [email protected]. Thank you Nick, and Orlando Imports, for getting us the Prosciutto Cotto, Ricotta, Bocconcini, and Soppressata.

Italian Focaccia from Alta Villa, Elena's Cucina, and arugula salad by My Longevity Kitchen
We lined a bowl with rosemary focaccia bread from Alta Villa Banquets, and topped it with a dressed arugula salad. In the background is focaccia pizza by Elena’s Cucina

Alta Villa Banquets

Almost every family party is celebrated at Alta Villa Banquest, owned by my lively grandfather-Nonno Enzo. Alta Villa helped us pull together all of the loose ends on our epic antipasti table by providing their fluffy classic focaccia bread, massive trays of fresh fruit salad, serving utensils and more. Alta Villa is known for their incredible banquet food, holiday buffets, and affordable prices. Check out how beautiful everything looked for my wedding there:

Alta Villa Banquets, Addison, IL

I am so blessed to have such talented, generous, and wonderful family in my life. I hope you enjoyed seeing how we throw an awesome party.

Oh, and how could I leave without telling you about the gelato service we got from Black Dog Gelato.

Black Dog Gelato Catering, Chicago
Mom and Dad enjoying some scratch-made Italian Gelato

Share this article with anyone in Chicago who loves great food! And anyone who wants to see the most epic antipasti table ever.


Why Eat Local

I was blown away by instagrammer MJ Sanders @RivetandRoot when I saw her dedication to eating local. I asked MJ to be a guest blogger on my site so we can explore Why and How to eat local…more often.

To anyone in Northwest Indiana, join me February 23 for the FED Food Expo & Discussion. We’ll gather together to discuss local food & sustainability strategies, and I’ll have a table in the expo area to share my services for primal health coaching. Join me! – Marisa Moon

Why Eat Local?

By MariJean Sanders @RivetandRoot

I started my local food journey about five years ago, shortly after marrying my husband, Caleb, in 2012. The more I pursued local food, the more reasons I discovered that compelled me to find out more.

Here are just a few of those reasons:

#1) Sustainability: eating local is better for my world.

From fossil fuel to food miles to plastic use, if you care about being “green” at all, eating local is the way to go! The footprint of local food is vastly smaller on every front, utilizing more efficient energy, less synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and better labor practices. And even if “being green” isn’t one of your top values, here are a few more reasons that started to convince me:

#2) Health: eating local is better for my body.

I discovered that eating local food is an extremely wholesome option for me and my family. Not only is the food usually harvested when it’s ripe and sold fresh, (which means it retains a lot more nutrients!) it’s often grown in healthier soil, and without the use of chemicals that are starting to emerge as extremely toxic to our bodies over time. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Wraps with Red Pepper Salsa (Dairy Free, Gluten Free, + Paleo)

Slow Cooker Paleo Chicken, Thai style, with Red Pepper Salsa, by Marisa Moon of My Longevity Kitchen

My Inspiration…

This slow cooker paleo chicken recipe uses almond butter, lime, ginger, and coconut aminos to make the perfect asian chicken wraps for the week.

Slow cookers can be such a lifesaver in the kitchen. I’m always telling people about how much I love using them.

I’m always on the lookout for new slow cooker recipes that I can try and test on my friends. Maybe I should take that offer of using CocuSocial, ( to find cooking classes in my area as they may be able to give me some fresh inspiration, as well as learning new and different tips to help me improve my cooking. It’s definitely worth a thought. I always love trying something new, and when it concerns my slow cooker, I’m all for it.

But many of you have horror stories about your slow cooker dinners ending up in the trash. Maybe it’s because a lot of recipes use cookie cutter cooking times-such as 8 hours on low and 6 hours on high-but not all recipes turn out well with that amount of time.

Another reason your results don’t turn out? Let’s face it…there are about 500 different slow cookers on the market, and they range in shape, size, and efficiency. So it’s quite possible that our slow cookers are so different that you get a different result. Hang in there.

It’s worth figuring out what the problem is because these machines are AWESOME! You can slow cook while you sleep, while you work, and use it to keep food warm at a party (that’s how my family rocks out all the Thanksgiving sides on a buffet table).

And slow cooking is how food wants to be cooked. Allowing the food to slowly be broken down, flavors to be mingling over time, and juices releasing in a natural flow yields a dish that always hits home.

Did you know that slow cooking is the most nutritious way to cook? Sites like Compt-Aam know that nutritious doesn’t have to mean that you miss out on any of the flavor – and there are always ways to add a little extra, should you feel you need it. With slow cooking, the foods are cooked at a lower temperature which preserves many of the nutrients. This is also a more traditional method Continue reading

Nutty Butter Collagen Bars

Nutty Butter Collagen Bars that are Paleo Dairy Free and Keto / Low Carb. By Marisa Moon of My Longevity Kitchen.

Yesterday was pretty fun…  

I shot my first Facebook Live cooking video alongside Chicago Biohacking Expert Anthony Diclementi.  Anthony, a long time acquaintance and Hi-Vibe Ambassador, invited me into his kitchen for an informal live video about how to make my Nutty Butter Collagen Bars, all while we laughed and discussed why eating real food is so awesome.  Watch the video to see Anthony’s reaction to my peanut butter substitution, and to see how you can make these low-carb, fudgy bars in 15 minutes Continue reading

Codfish Green Chili with Swiss Chard & Sprouted Lentils

No time to read the full post? Listen here to the audio version:

Green lentil codfish

If you love tangy lime, cilantro, and a warm bowl of chili (who doesn’t?), you’ll love this spicy green chili that’s packed with leafy greens, protein, and gusto! The weather has been teetering in and out of single digits here in Chicago & Indiana, and now it’s freezing rain and yuck. I could seriously eat soup or chili Every. Single. Day. Did I tell you this is a slow cooker chili recipe? Ahhhhh, the beauty of convenience (especially when you’re in hibernation mode).

My Inspiration…

This is a recipe from the exclusive E-cookbook I created for the My6Method fitness participants. I have to start swapping out old recipes for some new ones, so I thought I should finally share one with YOU!

What’s My6Method, you ask? It’s a rewarding health coaching program where people participate in a 3 or 6-week diet and lifestyle overhaul guided by the personal trainer and former fitness competitor named Adrienne Hanover. Adrienne and I have been long-time friends; she was even a bridesmaid in my ridiculously large weddingd Adrienne has successfully led hundreds of clients through fat-shedding transformations with her dairy-free, alcohol-free, low sugar, low grain diet program because she does things differently. She critiques their food journals twice a week with some real talk, compassion, and expert advice; she provides you with an extensive manual to guide you through her recommendations and how to balance your macros depending on your specific fitness levels; she takes before and after pics for recording your progress, and of course she provides you with endless fitness ideas and inspiration. You don’t even have to live in the area; you can do everything online! Check out her website here. Another cool thing she does with the program is to provide a community for challengers to share their motivations, questions, and concerns together in a Facebook group where Adrienne and I both get involved. Adrienne came to me in late 2015 asking if I’d like to partner up with My6Method because she knew we were on a similar path with health and nutrition, and more importantly, she wanted help creating exclusive recipes for anyone who signs up. That’s where this recipe comes into the picture. I made a 60 page full color e-book with breakfast lunch and dinner ideas, all for the M6M participants. Since the release of the cookbook I have added new recipes every season! Eventually I can share some of my older recipes with you, just like this codfish chili!

Sprouted Lentil Codfish Green Chili by My Longevity Kitchen

I don’t think people make seafood chili often enough. Or ever. I made this recipe because I wanted to show people three things: how effortless a seafood meal can be, how and why you’d want to introduce sprouted lentils into your diet, and how to pack a ridiculous amount of veggies into one meal for the whole fam-assuming your family is like mine and loves flavor explosions and spicy food. Who’s with me? And if you’re traveling to places like California you may want to research the best places to eat in san francisco for seafood and get your fill there. No one is cooking on vacation!

Longevity tips…

Sprouted Lentils:

The key to making the healthiest chili here is to use SPROUTED green lentils. Sprouted lentils are just lentils that are prepared the old-fashioned way (make note that sprouted lentils are probably the most nutritious and safest legume to eat). Really they are soaked lentils, maybe sprouted like the video, but most-importantly they are soaked for several hours before cooking. Why? All beans, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds contain anti-nutrients that are toxic to all mammals when consumed regularly for long periods of time; especially when they are hastily prepared. Some of these anti-nutrients include phytic acid, which I go into detail about in my last post called “The Truth About Overnight Oats“, and lectins, which we’ll discuss now…

Lectins are a category of plant chemicals that are concentrated in the seed of the plant, which is the actual lentil in this case. Seeds produce certain lectins to protect themselves from harm (insects, microorganisms, and UV rays), and many of the toxic lectins damage our intestinal tract as they pass through our system undigested. We cannot break them down in our body, and they trick our cells into incorporating them into normal cellular functions. Because of this, long-term lectin consumption often leads to leaky gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), heartburn, migraines, allergies, arthritis, and eventually autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Yes, conditions like fibromyalgia can be managed with some of the treatments offered at, but we should still be doing all we can to prevent the problem from getting worse. Whilst CBD is useful in easing symptoms, some may prefer to use marijuana itself instead of a cannabinoid. If this is a choice people make, they must do their research on sites like Some of the most common reactions include gas and bloating-symptoms we consider normal and just live with. Do you ever wonder where the gas and bloating is coming from? Do you believe it is something you can actually control, and avoid? You can.

A key way to avoid these consequences, and promote long-term health, is to switch to sprouted legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains (fermented grains are even better; but grains are complicated and I am not ready to get into it. Eat grains sparingly or read this to learn more). It’s extremely important to consider this change for whichever foods in this category you eat most often. For instance, if you eat a lot of bread, pasta or treats, read that article I just linked to above to learn how you can possibly make them a health food; if you eat a lot of nuts then start buying sprouted/soaked nuts or make your own; if you eat a lot of beans, listen up and I’ll tell you what to do below. If you’re not willing to spend more on brands that sprout them for you, then you should try doing it yourself…the old-fashioned way. And if you’re not willing to do either then you can join the massive Paleo camp who generally avoids all legumes and grains. Forever. Doesn’t sound fun does it? So here’s how you can enjoy lentils, broken down into three categories from the best-most nutritious way, to the least sufficient way Continue reading

The Truth About Overnight Oats

No time to read? Listen to my podcast episode dedicated to this article: 


What's wrong with overnight oats, and how to prepare them in the most nutritious way. Recipe included! By Marisa Moon of My Longevity Kitchen

Somebody got this trend all wrong. 

Well, not ALL wrong…but they messed up the only step in the recipe!  We shouldn’t be soaking our overnight oats in the refrigerator, we should be soaking them with warm water, at room temperature—or even warmer.  And would you believe that cooking the oats afterwards actually makes them even MORE nutritious.  This is not a food you want to eat raw.  Let me break down the basics for you…

Our ancestors ate whole grains after soaking them or fermenting them.  Over time they figured out that this was how grains needed to be prepared—in order to avoid illness.  It was probably thanks to serendipity that they figured this out back then because there weren’t any refrigerators…food was just left out.  But as generations passed, and food culture diminished, we have been hastily preparing our grains…and we’ve even gone as far as thinking they are best uncooked!  This is flat out wrong.  

Did you know that the oatmeal box, back in the day, used to say “soak overnight” in the directions?  What happened to that?

You see, all grains contain something called “phytic acid”—or phytates—in the outer layer or bran, and oats contain more phytates than almost any other grain. So, if this phytic acid is untreated, it will combine with important minerals in our body and block their absorption. I’m talking about calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper. We need these minerals, and our food supply is providing less and less of them because of modern farming methods. We should take every precaution to protect the minerals that are still available to us. Regular consumption of improperly prepared grains (also legumes, and nuts) can lead to mineral deficiencies, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, bone loss, food allergies, and even mental illness…this is not only due to the phytic acid content, but more so a combination of these plant chemicals along with others like lectins, goitrogens, and oxalates to name a few. It’s the dose that makes the poison, and it varies widely from person-to-person (or gut-to-gut).   

Go Raw brand chart why to soak/sprout seeds
Illustration by Go Raw and

So what’s the proper way to prepare these grains? 

The process is simple really. All we need to do is soak the whole grains overnight at room temperature, or even warmer, and cook after soaking. It helps tremendously if, during the soak, you add an acid starter like liquid whey, kefir, yogurt, or even lemon juice. Allow the natural enzymes and other helpful organisms to begin fermenting the grains, for 7-24 hours, and this will neutralize a large portion of the phytic acid.

Soaking in warm, acidic or cultured water not only gets rid of this mineral-blocking substance, but it also releases all of the vitamins in grains, and encourages more healthy digestion by partially breaking down some of the proteins (like gluten). Win Win, all around! Finish your oatmeal by cooking for a quick 5-10 minutes (more on that in the recipe at the end of this post). 

The Truth About Overnight Oats
Pouring liquid whey into my soaking oats

Spread the word to those we care about.  

Oatmeal is one of those things that people eat habitually…every single morning. That’s why it’s important to spread the word.  Although I do not usually consume oatmeal or most grains, I felt the need to focus on this recipe because many of my closest friends and family are enjoying oatmeal on a regular basis. My goal with My Longevity Kitchen is to help explain how we can maximize the nutrients in our food, and minimize toxins. And my passion lies in the ways of our ancestors, and their time-honored traditional cooking methods. Oatmeal can be nutritious, or quite the opposite.  I hope you’ve learned a thing or two on how to make it truly nourishing.  Here are some more tips for you, and the recipe!

A nourishing recipe for properly prepared overnight oats with cinnamon, banana, and pecans. By Marisa Moon of My Longevity Kitchen

Continue reading

Healing Dandelion Greens Stew

No time to read the full post? Listen here to the audio version:

Healing Dandelion Greens Stew Recipe by My Longevity Kitchen. Made with nourishing bone broth, dried ancho chilies, potato, lemon, and optional parmigiano reggiano

My Inspiration…

One of the first, most-interesting soups I ever made was a braised dandelion greens recipe by Top Chef Master, Chris Cosentino. It was bitter, and spicy, and full of dimension. It’s not for everyone, but that’s okay. This recipe is for anyone who appreciates bitter greens like rapini (broccoli rabe), frisse, escarole, and of course dandelion greens. The way Chris paired the greens with ancho chilies, lemon, olive oil, and true parmigiano reggiano just spoke to me. This is totally my language.

Chris Cosentino Braised Dandelion

I’ve made it time and time again, swaying a bit from the recipe to make it compliant with my food and lifestyle choices. For instance, he suggests a crusty piece of bread on the bottom of your bowl so it will soak up all of the dandelion broth…and I know that sounds heavenly. But, I don’t really eat bread any more. I eat it on special occasions if it’s gluten free, or if I’m in the mood for a burger with a real bun-but otherwise I avoid it. So, I started adding potatoes to the soup instead. Bitter greens and potatoes are a popular combo with Italians, so that one was a no-brainer. I also changed the chicken broth base to a bone broth base, and the combination of bone broth with dandelion greens is what makes this recipe especially healing. Interested in Chris Cosentino’s cookbook? It’s called Beginnings – My Way To Start A Meal. It’s a beautiful book full of vegetables, cured meats, and artisanal cheeses; and it’s organized by seasons to highlight year-round ingredients for appetizers and small bites.

Longevity Tips…

Bone Broth My Longevity Kitchen

Bone Broth:

If you are a vegetarian then don’t worry, this soup can be made with water, or vegetable stock, and still turn out great! But for everyone else, let’s talk about bone broth. That’s possibly the main reason I called this recipe “Healing Dandelion Stew”; it’s the bone broth that makes it especially healing. The name “Bone Broth” either gets you excited, or Continue reading

Probiotic Guacamole

Get your daily dose of probiotics using sauerkraut brine and fermented veggies in this Probiotic Guacamole by Marisa Moon of My Longevity Kitchen

My Inspiration…

Getting your daily dose of probiotics through food doesn’t get any easier than this guacamole recipe…welllll, unless of course you’re just eating the sauerkraut out of the jar. You might be blown away by this recipe concept here, or you’ll be like me and say “why didn’t I think of this sooner?”.

I always felt bad dumping a jar of sauerkraut juice or brine after I finished the nourishing veggies. Ever since I read the back of the bag of sauerkraut by Farmhouse Culture a year ago, I realized I need to put that sauerkraut brine to use! If you think about it, that brine is really just salt water with a tart/sour taste– thanks to the healthy probiotic bacteria that occur during the fermentation process used to make the kraut. Why would we dump it down the drain when we can use it in other foods and continue to reap the benefits?

Ever since realizing this, I have been putting it in everything from guacamole to tuna salads. Continue reading

My Top 15 Products from Paleo f(x) ’16

Paleo fx 2016 top products

I feel so lucky being able to visit Austin for THE Paleo conference, working alongside passionate foodies, and visionary leaders whom I admire.

Paleo Magazine Radio Paleo fx 2016 I had an exciting moment when it was time to announce the Best New Blog of the Year because I was a nominee! Even though I didn’t win, I was already feeling so accomplished after being voted into to the top 4 new blogs. On the day leading up to the awards ceremony, I had the chance to speak with Tony Federico, the host of Paleo Magazine Radio, and do a short impromptu interview about my experience at PFX. You can find my interview on the Paleo Magazine Radio podcast here. (I’m the first interview which starts at 2 minutes in.)

Okay, on to my favorite products!

I’m still going gaga over some products I purchased at paleo f(x), and I knew I had to share them with you! I’m going to keep it as brief as possible, on some items more than others, because if I try to explain each item and all of the benefits, I’d be writing this post for 12 days straight. So, if you have any questions about each item please comment below or just click the product photo to head over to the company’s site.

Artisan Tropics – Cassava Strips

Vegan, Grain-free, Diary-free, Soy-free, Non-GMO Cassava Strips by Artisan Tropics

These chips or strips are pretty awesome. If you’ve given up on chips because you believe there’s no such thing as a healthy chip, then think again! Continue reading

Saturated Fat is Back!

Welcome back, Fat!  I’m so happy to see you again…  

My days were incomplete without you.  Each morning now I look forward to drinking a bulletproof coffee with butter from grass-fed cows, or blending up my green tea with nourishing coconut oil.  I can confidently snack on some good ol’ fashioned potato chips because they are made by Jackson’s Honest— a company who slow-cooks their chips in coconut oil (the queen of saturated fats).  I stayed away from fats for so long and, now that I’m embracing them again, my mind and body are shouting “Thank you!”.  These saturated fats are giving me satiation, brain power, and fuel for my day.  What a relief it is to finally realize that much of what we thought about fat was WRONG!  

Coconut Oil Photo
Photo Cred Flickr: Meal Makeover Moms


Coconut oil is making a huge comeback now for this very reason.  It’s one of the most stable, nourishing, saturated fats on Earth!  Just 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil a day provides the short chain fats needed to protect our gut health, our liver, nerves, brain, and cardiovascular system .  

Brands like Jackson’s Honest (JH) are taking the reigns, bringing back these healthy fats, and preparing foods in ways that maximize their benefits.  Once I got my hands on these chips, I knew I’d found a treasure.  JH cares about every ingredient they use.  Not only do they care about sourcing the right ingredients, but they understand that ingredients must be treated in a way that maximizes their nutrients, AND in a way that minimizes any potential toxins.  Some companies use coconut oil, but they fry foods at temperatures way beyond the coconut oil smoke point (350 degrees F).  The issue here is that when fats are damaged by heat (or oxidation), they unleash dangerous free radicals in the body.  To avoid these cancer-causing free radicals, we must be mindful and use cooking methods that bring out the best in fats!  JH uses a low and slow cooking method, carefully sustaining a temperature that keeps coconut oil happy and chips crunchy.  That’s reason enough right there for me to dig on some JH chips.  But there’s more!

Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips by Jackson's Honest


Low temperature cooking actually cuts the glycemic index in HALF!  What’s glycemic index?  The glycemic index of a food is a number that tells us how quickly our body converts that food into sugar.  Potatoes are known for having a higher glycemic index, but when you boil or slow cook, instead of frying or roasting, the glycemic index of potatoes reduces drastically!  Another amazing fact is that fats, and acids like vinegar, reduce the glycemic index even more.  This is because fats and acids slow down the speed at which we digest the starchy foods.  I keep this in mind when I’m munching down on some Jackson’s Honest chips because all of the varieties are slow-cooked in coconut oil, and they even have a sea salt and vinegar version…win win all around!

Did you know that our bodies need fat to convert certain plant nutrients into vitamins?  Like the beta-carotene in sweet potatoes or red heirloom potatoes; We can only convert that beta-carotene if we have the food with fat!  Sweet Potatoes + Coconut Oil = Vitamin Central!

Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato Chips Purple Heirloom Chips

After reading this you may still be pondering how much fat is really safe. 

Are you wondering how we got so far off the fat track in the first place?  
Think about a time when you saw a black and white photo of your great, great grandparents, or photos of people from the early 1900’s…people were looking pretty thin, right?  They didn’t go to gyms, or count calories, or even think about calories Continue reading

Workshops at Mamby on the Beach

Music and wellness join forces for an unparalleled Chicago experience… Mamby Chicago Music Festival on the Beach

Have you heard? 

This year at Mamby on the Beach, I will be presenting some thought-provoking concepts on wellness and nutrition during these live wellness workshops on Saturday, July 2nd; and Sunday July 3rd(see schedule below). 

Times are changing, and music lovers are uniting to share more than music.  They are searching for inspiration, enlightenment, and connection.  My friends over at Mamby on the Beach, a lakeside music festival in Chicago, are broadening the possibilities for festival goers by introducing the wellness stage.  Here, attendees will find experiences ranging from Silent Yoga to my Primal Living & Nutrition Workshops.  I am honored to be a part of such a movement, and working hard to create content that inspires and brings meaning to those who attend.

Here’s my schedule for all 4 wellness workshops:

Mamby on the Beach

Are you interested in these topics?  With enough buzz I may try to make these workshops available for download in the future.  Comment below and let me know.

If you’re down for some live music on the beach, and a captivating Chicago weekend, get your Mamby tickets here, and come see me!  Take a look at the musical lineup… 

What else is going on at the wellness stage? 

Solarbeatz solar powered music van

I’m pumped to announce that our stage is connected to the SOLARBEATZ music truck!  

This mobile soundstage/performance venue is a unique, thought provoking, inspirational and educational catalyst used at festivals, community events, private parties and schools to promote environmental sustainability.  A modified delivery truck equipped with advanced solar, sound and lighting technology, this “mobile spectacle” stimulates audiences and demonstrates the possibilities of clean energy by fueling an array of electronics to create an outrageous audiovisual experience all powered by the sun. To add to the audiovisual production, further steps can be taken in an event like this that can reach a lot of people who are attending. To find out more info about these services, websites like can provide a helpful place to start.

SOLARBEATZ immediately converts the Sun’s powerful rays into an Earth friendly party or stores the clean renewable energy in a battery bank for use after dark. 

Sound off silent disco experience mammy

Audio at the SOLARBEATZ and Wellness Workshops Stage will be delivered by “Sound Off“; a Bluetooth headphone experience.  These wireless headsets let each attendee control their own volume and tune in speakers and music synergistically. 

This comes in handy for Mamby because the music is pumping from stage to stage!  This “Sound Off” experience was a hit with yoga last year at Mamby, so yoga is back and here to stay!

Yoga Mamby on the Beach

At approximately 3:30 and 7:30 each day, festival goers can join in on Yoga sessions led by the female yogis, Yolie, Shab, and Alyssa. 

Who’s coming with us to Mamby!?  It’s so much more than music. 

Join the M6M 3-Week Summer Blast!

Happy Tuesday!

In 2015 I teamed up with my friend Adrienne Hanover from the My6Method (M6M) Diet & Nutrition program to provide the challengers with recipes and nutritional eating guidelines.  For the first time EVER, Adrienne is starting a 3-week Summer program, versus the usual 6-week program, to keep you on track or give you the jump start you need to better health and a better physique…all at an affordable price!  I thought I’d share with you this great opportunity because anyone can do it, no matter where you live, and the results I see with M6M are amazing!  View the PDF below, spread the word, and have an awesome week…

-Marisa Moon

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Smashed Cucumber Salad with Lemon Herb Dressing & Raw Sheep Milk Feta

Cucumber Salad for Parties made with Raw Milk Feta and Lemon Dressing

My Inspiration…

It feels like Summer already in Chicago!  (I keep saying Chicago even though I’m in Indiana now)  

I was out doing yard work this week, and I was hot!  I transplanted some peppers and tomato plants that I started indoors, and I finally planted a bunch of marigolds that Eric gave me for Mother’s Day (doggy momma).  Feels good to get that done because I just left for Austin to work the Paleo f(x) conference, and I’m just praying my garden will be okay while I’m gone.  

marigolds french marigold
Before my marigolds found a home

Summer is the time for Party after Party after BBQ after BBQ, which means Salad after Salad after Salad, and to me– this is a good thing!  We love salad in my family!!!!  Plus, when you go gluten-free or paleo, you will hardly find food at parties that you can eat, besides salad.  Know what I mean?  

So I was watching the TV show the Kitchen–who doesn’t love this show, I mean come on, they are all so fun to watch!–and the handsome Ironchef himself, Geoffrey Zacharian starts SMASHING A CUCUMBER!  This man, I tell you.  So simple, and so perfect.  I knew I had to smash a cucumber for a recipe, and I did!

After smashing the cucumber like GZ did, I gently reassembled it on a platter.  I later poured a lemon and parsley dressing over the top, and layered on plenty of raw sheep milk feta Continue reading

What’s New Marisa?

Hi there!  It’s me Marisa Moon with an update on my recipes, blogging, and my real food lifestyle.  So much is happening this Spring and Summer!  

Thanks for holding out for more recipes.  I would love to be one of those food bloggers that hits you up with a new recipe each week, but right now I decided to spend more of my time learning how to reach people with my “Real Food” message!  You can still expect recipes often enough, don’t worry.  As for where I’m spending my time lately, I’ve joined forces with other Primal & Paleo companies, and I am a recipe developer on a few platforms too.  Let me tell you a little about each project…

Next week is Paleo f(x) in Austin, Texas!  This is my second year in a row as a volunteer, and after a successful year working beside the RealFIT Score team in 2015, I was hired back to help them grow and continue to see through their vision for the new Paleo f(x) Fitscore!

The Paleo f(x) Fitscore is a comprehensive measure of raw fitness and athletic potential and is not specific to any sport. The assessment includes nine separate tests, rating competitors across six categories, leading to an overall score from 0-100. 

As if that’s not enough to be excited about, My Longevity Kitchen is up for 2015’s Best New Blog award from Paleo Magazine!  Paleo f(x) is hosting their first Awards ceremony on Saturday, May 28, and I’m excited to attend!  Wish me luck 😉

Since Paleo f(x) 2015, I have been interested in getting my Primal Blueprint Expert Certification.  I’m fascinated and motivated by the well-rounded curriculum and point of view of primal mastermind Mark Sisson.  So I finally took the leap and enrolled a few weeks ago!  I passed the first module on an introduction to epigenetics and its relation to primal living.  I’m hoping to get my certification completed by the end of Summer.



I have been focusing most of my recipe-developing time and effort on the My6Method diet program.  I teamed up with M6M to produce exclusive recipes and an e-cookbook to motivate participants to switch to a real food lifestyle.  M6M and My Longevity Kitchen are a great match because we both believe gluten and conventional dairy can be the cause of many health related issues, and processed sugars should be avoided for a healthy lifestyle.   Continue reading