Holiday Survival Tips Introductory Video

Thanksgiving Photo: Satya Murthy

Introducing the online video workshop called…

Holiday Survival Tips for Your Real Food Lifestyle  

I’m so excited to share this with you, you guys!  It is possible to stick to your goals and still enjoy the holidays.  I’ve created this online video to help you stay true to your diet during party season.  I put a lot of my personal experiences into this content, sharing with you my tips and tricks for staying on track, all while fitting in as comfortably as possible (no, we’re not talking about exercise).  It is designed to inspire you, getting you thinking ahead, and prepare you for a healthy holiday without the dreaded deprivation or regret.  

Have you given up certain foods lately for your health and wellbeing?  

Have you removed foods from your diet because of food intolerances?  

This workshop is for YOU!

Do you want a sneak peek?

Watch my 4 minute introduction video below.  I’ll tell you all about who it’s for, and what you can expect to see in the workshop.  

And it’s only $10!  Included is a 14-day access pass to the members-only video platform, online, where you can view the 27 minute workshop video as many times as you wish!  You also get a variety of PDF’s to download so that your workshop experience is full of take-home advice, and actionable tips.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect so you can be prepared for all the food and festivities happening this week!  
…already know you want in?  Head over to register right here and select “Holiday Survival Tips” before . 

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Are you ready to go?  Head over to the registration and get immediate access to the workshop.  Click here to register.

These video workshops, and all subscription-based content, are new features on my website.  Please help me make it awesome, and keep me notified if you have any technical errors or difficulties.  You can comment below or email [email protected]  Thank you!  

-Marisa Moon