Thank you for your interest in this subscription-based content!  This section is where I offer online workshops, e-courses, and motivational slideshows on living the real food lifestyle!  I am currently offering two workshops:  

Holiday Survival Tips for Your Real Food Lifestyle - a unique workshop video where I share my top tips and strategies for getting through the holiday season without giving up on your diet or feeling deprived.  This program is perfect for anyone with food sensitivities, transitioning from a diet of junk food to real food, or participants from the My6Method program.  

Life After My6Method: Finding Your Real Food Lifestyle - this workshop is only for graduates of the My6Method program.  We will discuss all of your top questions like how to reintroduce dairy, if you need to avoid peanuts, how to reduce carbs and add back fats for a more nourishing lifestyle, and so much more!  

Please email with any questions regarding this members area.  

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Life After M6M - 30.00 USD per 14 days - for 1 time.
Life After My6Method Video Workshop
Holiday Survival Tips - 10.00 USD per 14 days - for 1 time.
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