Life After M6M

Welcome to the Life After My6Method Subscription Page!  

This page is viewable for 14 days from the date you registered for Life After M6M on this website. Take advantage of those two weeks and watch this as many time as you’d like.  Scroll down to see the download links for the coordinating PDF documents (located after the main video).  These PDFs will be a valuable resource when transitioning to a real food lifestyle, long after this workshop has ended.  

The slideshow video (the second video) is 90 minutes long.  I suggest you watch it early in the day, when your mind is fresh and you have the ability to focus; I am sharing tons of information with you and know that it can be a lot to take in when you’ve had a long day. Pause and mark your spot so you can return and continue where you left off if you get fatigued or overwhelmed with the new info.  Remember, workshops in the past were done in person and you would have to come at a designated time to see the slideshow presentation.  Now, it’s conveniently placed online for you to view according to your schedule and needs.  Make the most of this opportunity!  I hope you like this new platform.  Here we go!

Watch First: Introduction Video (3 min):

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